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Tapping or Timeout

Tapping or Timeout

Tapping with Kids

Tapping or Timeout

Six year old Ethan was in timeout. It was his little brother Lincoln’s birthday and when it came time for the birthday cake and ice cream he was thrilled. Earlier that day he had watched his mother make the cake and the chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. He wanted to taste both. So naturally when his mother told him he could only have one cupcake Ethan ignored her and went right on to the 2nd one. When she saw him she sent him to timeout. Timeout was at the bottom of my stairs. He was mad and didn’t see what the problem was. He went and sat dejectedly on the stairs, shoulders slumped and arms hanging at his side.

I left the party and went and sat by him and asked him, “Would you like to tap or be in timeout?” It was an easy choice. He wanted to tap. So we tapped.

Start by having your child tap on the Karate Chop point with their other hand and then go through the other points as indicated.

KC Point: Even though I am mad that I didn’t get to eat that second cupcake, I think I’m awesome.

Even though I am angry at my mom for sending me to timeout, I am amazing.

Even though I wanted to have fun at the party and I’m in timeout, I am a great kid.

EB: I am so mad

OE: I wanted both cupcakes

UE: I am so mad

UN: I am angry that my mom sent me to timeout

CH: I am so mad

CB:  What’s wrong with eating two cupcakes?


UA: I am so mad

CR: I hate being in timeout

EB: What if my mom knows best

SE: What if one cupcake really was enough

UE: I bet I can have another cupcake tomorrow

UN: I bet I get some ice cream too

CH: My mom loves me

CB: And I love her

UA: And I want to go back to the party

CR: My mom really does know what’s best


Ethan finished tapping, got up, went to his mom and told her he was sorry. He gave her a hug and went back to the party. He was happy and compliant and willing to listen.

Give them a choice.

Next time your child needs to be in timeout, give them a choice, “Tapping or Timeout”? If you need help, contact me:

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