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Tapping for Stress

What is Tapping or EFT how can it help you deal with big “T” and little “t” traumas in your life?

Tapping out of Trauma

Tapping out of Stress

Do you have stress, psychological trauma or after effects of a mental crash circulating your emotions?

Are you overwhelmed with grief, sadness or fear?

Are you paralyzed with panic, depression or loneliness?

Tapping can help. Tapping is a mind body tool clinically proven to eliminate the fight or flight response. It eliminates stress. Whether you experienced trauma in a past event or a lot of stress in your daily living Tapping can and does help.

Read my real live example of working with a client experiencing little “t” trauma and how I used Tapping and visualization to get her to a calmer and clearer place.

While working with a client the other day she was stuck in emotions of sadness and grief. We tapped on the situation and her grief and sadness did not seem to shift. It appeared to me that she had put herself in a small “t” trauma as we had tapped and talked. I had the thought to use the “Gratitude Exercise” followed with the “Orienting” exercise. I took her through the process and when we finished I asked her the SUDS level and they both dropped from a 10 to a zero. There was a noticeable change in her voice and demeanor. A few minutes later she asked me why I had chosen to do the exercise as she was pleasantly surprised at the instant change in her emotions. I shared a short explanation with her which she was satisfied with.

Are you coming out of a painful crisis? Or maybe deeply immersed in one. You will feel like a new person after three sessions. There is no reason to continue feeling the way you do when you could diffuse those painful emotions almost immediately and get on with your life.

How a silver blue faced watch saved me from being raped. And How I used Tapping to resolve the past emotions.

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