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Ilene Christensen

Ilene Christensen

As a Certified Success Coach with the Carol Look Coaching Program, Ilene focuses on helping people succeed where they have failed in the past. Ilene has over 20 years’ experience in the business world. Before becoming a certified coach, she created a successful business from the ground up. She has experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows along the way. The business was created when she found herself a single mom with three kids to raise. Her strongest desire was to be there for her children so she found a way to be home with them and still earn a living. Call Center Plus, an answering service/call center, was created in the garage of her home. Like many start-up businesses, gaining a customer base was slow at first and she had to wear lots of hats to keep the business and her family from going under. She often worked 100+ hours per week answering those first calls and got paid only .50 an hour.

Ilene Christensen and the Harley

Ilene Christensen and the Harley

As hard as those first few years were, Ilene is very grateful for all she learned. She can now handle the most challenging computer/technical problem with one arm tied behind her back! That comes in very handy when your business involves computer hardware and software by the gross. Those challenging years also taught her to see life as a great adventure, to face her fears, and to problem solve. She still loves challenges and adventures and believes we all need to grow a little bit every day or we stagnate. As she learned to incorporate EFT in her life, she was amazed at the clarity she gained in solving business problems and in strengthening business relationships. She became passionate about helping others gain that same clarity so she became a Certified Abundance Coach. As an ultimate success coach, she finds it very rewarding to help other people overcome the blocks that are keeping them from building the successful businesses and careers they want. She believes if she can do it so can you.

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Certified Success Coach

Certified Abundance/Success Coach Click to View Certificate

Tapping Into Wealth Coach in Training

Tapping Into Wealth Coach in Training

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Ilene is a Certified Personal Fitness Coach


Ilene is a member of NAPW

Discovering the Word of Wisdom

Ilene eats a Whole Food Plant Based Diet, Find her story here.

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