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As a Certified Business & Success Coach and the owner of my own business I know the pressures related to keeping it all going. The day-to-day things that come up have to be dealt with, no matter how unpleasant. Employees and employee issues, payroll, payroll taxes, 941 taxes, 940 taxes, invoicing, finding new clients, keeping old clients, providing excellent customer service, etc. …the list goes on and on. Sometimes it is hard to sleep at night knowing what is and what is not happening in your business. You lay awake wondering how that bill is going to be paid or how you are going to meet the needs of your clients and employees. All this creates stress, which blocks your ability to grow.

I know the things that run through your head as you try and get back to sleep:

  1. What am I doing?
  2. How did I get myself here?
  3. How am I going to get myself out of here?
  4. Where am I going to find more clients?
  5. How can I find reliable employees?
  6. I can’t believe I invested all that time in training only to have the employee quit.
  7. I am such a loser.
  8. What was I thinking?
  9. It’s too late.
  10. Why bother?
  11. I don’t feel satisfied.
  12. I didn’t sign up for this.

I know how you feel. I started my Call Center with two clients in the attic of my home. I eventually remodeled half of my garage and moved the Call Center to the garage. Ten years ago I added on to the Call Center and added a bathroom and my own office space (before that employees were walking into my home at all hours of the day and night to use the restroom!). We have grown enough that I am now in the process of building a new 3.025 square foot call center, one third of which will be dedicated to my business success coaching.

I want to help you succeed where you failed in the past. By using tapping, which is a mind-body tool that has been clinically proven to eliminate the fight-or-flight response, I can teach you how to eliminate the blocks that are holding you back. You can break out of the debilitating fear and find the clarity you need to allow your business to succeed.

I have developed “Daily Success Charting” and want to show you how to use it as a tool to create your success, “One Day at a Time.” Combined with Tapping or EFT your business will take off.

Mention Business & Success Coaching or Coaching for Business for a free 20 minute evaluation/consultation. To request the free consultation please fill out the form below. I will contact you to make an appointment to see if we are a good fit for each other.

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