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Small Business Coaching – Tapping into Success

Are you stuck when it comes to increasing your wealth or growing your business? I can help you blast through the blocks that are keeping you stuck. By using my “Tapping into Success” program you will release the issues, emotions, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

The nine week small business coaching course includes.

  1. Daily Success Chart – You will discover a powerful way to set and achieve goals on a daily basis . By incorporating Tapping in your daily routine, you will seal your affirmations, create a gratitude list, and chart your desired emotions and daily goals.
  2. The Money Map – You will learn to know and understand the five kinds of money and uncover the hidden mind-body-money programming that blocks your own success.
  3. The Earliest Money Paradigm and The Downside of Success/Wealth Process – You will discover how you are emotionally wired to be loyal to and/or rebel against your family paradigm and how unconscious rules are keeping you stuck.
  4. Financial Trauma Process – You will clear past financial trauma that keeps you from trusting yourself and others.
  5. Setting an Outrageous Goal – You will create an outrageous financial goal and  shift from believing “it’s impossible and it will be really hard” to “I can do it and I deserve it!”
  6. Goal Trauma – You will release all the hesitation and doubt you have about setting outrageous goals due to past failed attempts even though you did everything you could to achieve those goals.
  7. Deserve More Money Process and The Vow to Be Invisible – You will uncover your inner critic around deserving more money and the vow to be invisible that energetically causes you to downplay your own value.
  8. Train Your Brain to Celebrate Progress – You will learn to see and recognize the “next greatest version” of yourself as you  make massive, almost effortless, strides towards your goals.
  9. The Backlash and Hidden Agendas – You will learn to shift your anxiety, release any hidden agendas, and overcome the backlash you may feel from others as you make great progress towards your money goals.

Package Includes: One 15 minute emergency session per month, recordings of all sessions, email support and tapping scripts tailored for your specific issues.

I can’t wait for you to eliminate the blocks that are holding you back. The abundance and success you desire is just around the corner. Seats are limited and will be filled on a first come first served basis. Contact me today to reserve your space.

Ilene Christensen is a “Certified Success and Abundance Coach.” She is the owner of Call Center Plus, a successful Telephone Answering Service/Call Center. She is in the process of fulfilling her business dream of building a new building to house the Call Center and her Success Coaching Business.

If you want to fulfill your dreams like she has fulfilled hers, join the “Tapping into Success” program today.

Mention Small Business Coaching. Tapping into Success, or Success Now to receive a free 20 minute consultation with Ilene.

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